Jesper Setälä, summer trainee

”A summer jobs gives you a good overview of traffic”

Jesper Setälä, who is studying to become a traffic engineer for the first year, worked as a summer traffic operator in Fintraffic’s Road Traffic Management. How did Jesper find Fintraffic summer jobs right after his first year of study? How was his experience of summer work as a transport operator? How did the summer work benefit him from the perspective of a student in the traffic sector?

After completing his matriculation examination and the qualification of a articulated vehicle driver, Jesper worked as a driver for three years. The work as a professional driver inspired him to apply to a university of applied sciences to become a traffic engineer. Jesper ended up working at Fintraffic for the summer thanks to a presentation on the school campus.

”I had already noticed an online ad looking for summer workers for Fintraffic. But I decided to apply only when I saw the presentation on our campus emphasising that summer jobs are also available for first-year students. I sent in an application and was accepted as a traffic operator at the Traffic Management Centre”, Jesper remembers.

Meaningful summer job that ensures smooth and safe road traffic

Jesper is pleased that he applied for a summer job at Fintraffic, as summer work as a traffic operator has given him a comprehensive idea of the state-owned road network and the amount of technology being used, especially in the Uusimaa road network.

“In this work, you get a good general idea of traffic, which is very valuable for a traffic engineering student. I have also gained a good overall picture of what maintaining the road network requires, especially for the maintenance and inspection of tunnel areas”, Jesper says.

As a traffic operator, Jesper’s tasks during the summer have included, for example, the management of variable signs and speed limits, cooperation with the police and rescue authorities, informing contractors of defects reported by road users, and responding to congestions, accidents and other traffic problems.

“The work done by Fintraffic is very important, although it may not always be visible to the road user. However, the work affects every user of state-owned roads, the traffic safety and the everyday traffic flow. Summer work at Fintraffic has been a positive experience. I will have especially fond memories of the nice colleagues and supervisors. The work community has treated me fairly, and it has been very easy to ask for help in anything. I hope that, after the summer, I will be able to continue working at Fintraffic alongside my studies”, Jesper continues.