Veera Putkonen, summer trainee

”Summer employees are a part of the work community right from the start”

Veera Putkonen has worked on documentation and databases at Fintraffic’s Air Navigation Services for two summers. How did Veera, who majors in biochemistry, end up in the field of air navigation for the summer? What got her to return to Fintraffic ́s Air Navigation Services for the next summer as well? What was especially memorable about a summer job at Fintraffic?

Veera is studying biochemistry at the University of Oulu, but has worked with documentation and database maintenance and updates in Fintraffic’s Air Navigation Services for two summers.

“My friend’s mother asked me if I would be interested in a summer job in air navigation, and I thought why not, even though the job was not related to the field I study. The first summer at Fintraffic was fun, so I called Air Navigation Services the next spring and asked if I could work with them again,” Veera recalls.

In her summer work, Veera updated the warranty and licence information for air navigation equipment and standardised the names of the equipment in the database. She feels that the work on documentation was meaningful as up-to-date documents are one of the important pillars of air navigation work.

The warm atmosphere and an airport tour were memorable

One of the reasons Veera applied for Air Navigation Services for the second time was the warm and helpful atmosphere. Although she had no previous experience in the traffic sector and did not study this field, she always felt welcome at the workplace. In particular, the presentation tour of the airport in the first summer has stayed with her.

“The first summer, I was able to visit the air traffic control tower and the airport area and learn about area control operations. It was exciting to see places that are not normally accessible when you are a passenger. The summer work has provided me with an understanding of how important Fintraffic’s work is, as traffic in Finland would not operate without this company,” Veera says.

Those outside the traffic sector should also apply for summer jobs

Veera encourages everyone to apply for summer jobs at Fintraffic even if they have no experience in the traffic sector or their studies are focused on another field.

“You should not be afraid because you have no experience – having the right attitude is more important. At Fintraffic, everyone will help you as long as you ask for help. I have fond memories of the atmosphere at Air Navigation Services. There, summer employees are considered part of the work community right from the start. This has been an important factor in my enjoyment of the summer job at Fintraffic,” Veera says, encouraging others.